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WvW Guild Events on Saturdays / Sundays!

Godspark, Sep 21, 12 12:44 PM.
We are going to be holding WvW Guild Events on Saturdays and Sundays  every weekend. The WvW events will start at 7:00 pm CST (UTC -6:00). This means the events will actually be sometime Sunday / Monday mornings for those of you overseas.

Please keep in mind that the Queue times to join a WvW map can take quite a while, so try to be online about 30 mins before the event starts if possible. That way you can join the Queue when you log on, and most if not all of us should be in WvW by the time the event is scheduled to start.

As far as what we'll be capable of, that all depends on how many people show up to each event. I'm hoping to field at least 10 - 20 for now, and hopefully 20 - 30+ as we continue to grow. If we can get around 15 players in, we should be able to take over and hold down a tower. If we field more, we can do more. If we have less, we can still do things like cut off enemy supply lines or even join in the zerg battles.

For those of you not aware of the benefits of participating in WvW, trust me when I say, it is VERY worthwhile. Each time you get a kill, or help kill someone, depending on how much damage you did, a bag of loot will drop containing random items as well as anywhere from 0 - 4 "Badges of Honor". The amount of Badges of Honor that you get per kill depends on how much % of the damage you did to that enemy. If you did most of the damage to that player, then you will have a higher chance of receiving multiple Badges. These Badges of Honor are a WvW only currency which lets you purchase VERY nice gear from special vendors in WvW. You can also bring these Weapons / Armor out of WvW to use in your regular PvE play as well.

Hope to see a lot of you at our first scheduled WvW Guild Event! (This Saturday - September 30 @ 7pm CST / -6:00 UTC)

Event Days

Ascendency17, Sep 13, 12 4:51 PM.
The days we are going to hold events is currently being discussed on the forums. In order to insure that are guildies are happy I ask that you please vote in the forums.

Welcome Everyone

Ascendency17, Sep 7, 12 5:45 PM.
Please fell free to signup and post in forums and add your player to the roster. Suggestions are welcomed and listened to. I hope to eventually make a custom theme just for AA
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